Getting rid of tree branches is a vital part of felled or worked on trees, and in particular we have been made  aware of both the monetary and environmental cost in removing large amounts of tree debris from site.
By using a Wood Chipping Machine the overall bulk is reduced to one fifth of its original size, this saves a lot of truck trips to recycling centres. If the client should decide to keep the chip and  recycle it e.g.... on beds, under trees, children's play areas, pathways etc, then they have saved themselves Dumping Costs before the job even begins.
If you have undertaken tree work without the services of The Tree Doctor and you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of tree branches The Tree Doctor will be only to glad to chip up your branches for you by supplying  a Chipper-Operator [ we do  NOT  hire out chippers without an operator ] at a cost to suit the job.

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