The Tree Doctor carries out tree reports/surveys to assess risks and to identify hazardous  defects in trees.

Tree reports/Surveys are carried for any number of reasons,for example:

  • Long term impact people and property can have on trees.
  • To identify weaker trees and allow the stronger trees to further develop.
  • Accommodate planning permission conditions.
  • Trees encroaching onto your property,this could involve a dispute with a neighbour.
  • Access any threat e.g, if they are encroaching onto a public highway or structures.

A detailed written report is then provided,which would include species type,overall condition,tree size,its approx root span,height and crown spread together with any recommendations that we may have.

Padraig Farren has been asked on occasion to attend Court sittings and to act as a Professional Witness when disputes require a Professional opinion. 

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