When any trees are removed you are often left with an unsightly stump.Tree Stumps can be eliminated in a number of ways the decision is whether to completely remove the stump or leave a high stump for use as a seat, table or bird feeder.The Tree Doctor generally uses three methods to deal with tree stumps.


  • STUMP GRINDING. This involves using a stump grinding machine to grind the remaining tree stump below the soil level.


  • DIG OUT. This involves the use of heavy machinery such as  an Excavator or J.C.B. This method allows for a larger amount of the tree stump to be removed.


  • CHEMICAL. This involves the drilling of the tree stump and the adding of suitable chemicals to accelerate the decay of the stump.


All the above methods have  their own advantages and disadvantages.As each individual job is different,The Tree Doctor will advise which method is most suitable for the client.

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