Specialist Tree Pruning can be described as the selective pruning below you will find a brief description of each of the Specialist Tree Pruning services we provide,

  • Ornamental Trees; Some trees are kept purely for their size and shape with  selective pruning being undertaken to retain these characteristics while also trying to maintain a growing habit.


  • Fruit Trees; The type of pruning carried out on fruit trees depends on a number of factors eg, time of the year to whether the fruit crop the following year will be affected.The quality of the pruning cuts and the trees ability to fight off disease and insect attack are some of the factors that may influence the long term effect of pruning.


  • Flowering Trees; Such as Magnolia and Tulip but to name a few have all the general needs as the above mentioned, but particular care should be taken because when poor pruning judgement  is used this year, than part of next years flowering may compromised.


The Tree Doctors main tree surgeon Padraig Farren has nearly thirty years experience and has built up a great knowledge of Specialist Tree Pruning.So If you need a tree care specialist Contact us today for a free estimate.