Roadside overhang from Trees can be a serious issue and as a result if trees are left to their own devices and are left to look after themselves, than this will eventually lead to partial or total tree failure. Trees like are a living entity and like anything alive will be prone to disease, infections or just generally developing a poor growing habit the latter can result in a healthy tree producing cross overs [ branches touching branches ] or multi-stems [ this causes a weakness at the base of the tree or in some cases higher up in the trees structure ]. And above all age will be a big factor on the trees ability to withstand the various severe weather conditions that have now become more frequent in the past few years.

If you are the owner of roadside trees and are unsure of the current condition they are in at present, it would be advisable to at least have them visually assessed [ some people request a written report ] and in that way you will at least have a clearer picture.

Below is section 70 of the 1993 Irish road Traffic Act…….

(2) (a) The owner or occupier of land shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that a tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation on the land is not a hazard or potential hazard to persons using a public road and that it does not obstruct or interfere with the safe use of a public road or the maintenance of a public road.

Any of the above does not constitute legal advice and only stands as a general overview and is purely the opinion of The Tree Doctor

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