Trees are a wonderful natural resource.However, large trees left unmanaged can pose a considerable threat to personal safety and property. Cumulative effects such as weather conditions, disease,  and day to day  interaction with trees may produce hazards and dangerous  defects in the health and structure of our trees.Being able to identify tree hazards and choosing a proper course of action can make these problems manageable.

  • Dead Trees and Limbs – These are some of the more identifiable  risks  since they tend to stand out from the live trees due to a loss of foliage and timber colour change The only course of action is to remove the tree or limbs. 
  • Weather Damage – When trees become damaged by high winds or severe cold, and breakages occur, branches, tops and even whole trees often remain lodged in themselves or neighboring trees. These hazards or hang-ups can fall or dislodge themselves at any given time.
  •  Hollows and Cavities – The majority of holes-water pockets should not be ignored as this may lead to poor tree  health and can result in a weakened structure. While hollows and cavites  in trees can cause problems, some species of trees are more resilient than others when decay is present.  
  •  Disease – Certain diseases  may cause decay that   is not visable and can be concealed in the tree’s interior, and may display its presence by the growth of fruiting bodies and fungus. Mushrooms or fungus-like growth on a tree may indicate that rot is developing.
  • Public highway-Damaged or unsafe roadside trees can be a threat to the safety of the passing public both by vehicle and foot traffic.

The Tree Doctor  has the experience and skills that are needed to manage trees that pose a threat to people and property.Over the years we have dealt with  situations which have required such things as very early start times due to large traffic volumes, traffic management,road closures where needed and liaising with the  relevant authorities such as county/city councils ,Gardai etc,,,


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