There are many reasons for pruning trees.Among them is to remove branches that could fall and cause injury to pedestrians or damage to structures and in particular where trees are in conflict with utilities.Also pruning to improve the overall Health and Appearance of a tree.

There are several types of Tree Pruning,

  • Crown thinning is the selective removal of stems and branches to improve air and light penetration and to reduce the Wind-Sail effect, and more importantly to remove crossed and rubbing branches.


  • Crown reduction pruning is most often used when a tree has out grown  its allotted space.In the case of a large tree surrounded by smaller trees it may be a more prudent to remove a large tree as a severe crown-reduction is the last resort as this may lead to the poor appearance and poor general health of a tree.


  • Crown raising is simply removing the lower branches of the tree, some reasons for doing this may be to lessen interference to foot traffic or where the tree branches are in contact with a structure .


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