The Tree Doctor uses an aerial lift where access allows.In certain situations such as shelter belt trimming or roadside overhang. The use of an aerial platform will help to reduce the time factor and therefore in turn help to reduce the overall cost to the client.The picture on the right shows both roadside overhang and shelter belt trimming being carried out using an aerial platform. In this particular case the use of a Tree Climber was not required and so this eliminated the need to climb each individual tree which greatly reduced the job time.The use of an aerial lift is restricted by terrain type and the suitability of the tree work to be carried out.When this is the case our experienced tree climbers can undertake the more inaccessible sites.

We are fully insured to conduct roadside work.If you're worried about your trees overhanging a public road, talk to us here at The Tree Doctor. We deal with all situations of overhanging trees and can solve the problem to put your mind at ease. We offer free estimates on all work.

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